This message is to bring reassurance and comfort for those who are hurting and are in the midst of a battle of their soul, which we call warfare. I have personally learned some of my most important lessons from our LORD in the battle where I have failed, and make no mistake about it, GOD will allow you to fail in order for you to grow and be mature in the image and likeness of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I have found out what grace is about as a mature grown up, not as a babe, in which we are saved by grace. There is so much more to the grace of GOD than just being saved. it is in this place when we think it is over, and you failed GOD and Satan has the upper hand .it is when you feel you have been grounded into dust, the very dust from where we were created from. Just when you think all hope is lost, THE HOLY SPIRIT comes with the very PRESENCE OF GOD INTO YOUR ENVIRONMENT, and impacts everything around you. This is the place you learn about the GRACE OF GOD AS A SPIRITUAL ADULT.

It is here you learn to know your place before GOD at all times. This is the place of learning what the fear of the LORD is. This is the place of learning the intimacy of GOD’S HOLY PRESENCE. It is here you learn to walk in humility not pride and vanity. And while you going through this most difficult season in your life you can take great comfort GOD has his hand on your life

NEED PROOF OF THIS WONDERFUL FACT. Well think about this for a moment: could you stop thinking about GOD, OR STOP LOVING HIM while you were walking in the wilderness of death? Of course not. That is because he never took his hand off of you, if he did, you would of stop loving him and not continue to keep your heart upon him.

It is his very love that holds you by his AWESOME HOLY SPIRIT.

So please take great comfort, no matter what, nothing can separate us from the love of GOD IN CHRIST JESUS. I know this after 35 years abiding in CHRIST.

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