What is Christmas? The answer to this question depends on who you ask.

It’s a pagan celebration born out of the Roman festival of Saturnalia, a days long celebration marked by gluttonous feasts and orgies. Over the millennia the Church has adopted other pagan traditions to gain acceptance of their converts, such as mistletoe and Christmas trees. Even going so far as to adopt the mythic figure of Santa Claus.

It’s the largest sales season of the year, generating billions of dollars in sales. Store extend their hours to accommodate the mad rush of shoppers buying gifts. Some manufacturers even release their products at this time to increase sales.

It’s a time when people around the world open their hearts in love and compassion to to family, friend, co-workers, and most of all, the less fortunate. They perform acts of charity they otherwise had neither the time nor the heart to commit to.

The Christmas season is unlike any other time of year. People are friendlier; more tolerant and forgiving. They’re more compassionate toward their fellow man. They express their happiness and joy, letting go of bad feelings they’ve harbored all year. They tend to be more honest and remorseful. They gather family and friends together; some opening their homes to those without family. There’s a spirit of thankfulness and giving without expectations of getting anything in return. It’s a time when we express our true nature. We don’t think about being better people than we are. We just do it.

It’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus, Our Messiah. His divine birth reminds us of the purpose for which He came into the world. To teach us the Word of God by living it as a man; and through His death and resurrection giving us a means of returning to God’s grace. He is the foundation our Christian faith. He’s why we are who we are.

This is a topic that divides Christians. I personally know Christians who have told me they don’t celebrate Christmas. They’ve also told me why they don’t celebrate Christmas. And they’re adamant about the correctness of their position.

There’s an entire rationale, complete with scripture references to back up the position that Christians shouldn’t celebrate Christmas. This is a symptom of the divisiveness that is occurring on a daily basis in the Christendom as Christians seek to fulfill their brand of Christian beliefs. We, Christendom, stand as a house divided because of the differences in our beliefs. It’s in this atmosphere of divisiveness that I write this.

I’m writing this article on this subject because God put it onto my heart to write it. I wasn’t told to come to any specific conclusion. Nor was I told how to go about writing it. I was just moved to write it. With only the topic fully formed in my heart, I took to the internet to begin my research.

It was an interesting journey. And an educational one too. I learned the reasons Pastors are teaching their flocks NOT to celebrate Christmas. These essays included the scriptural references they rely on to support their teaching and reasoning. I found many of these essays available on the internet. I found ONLY one in favor of celebrating Christmas. It too was a well thought out essay countering the scriptural references with its own.