It’s been a long time getting from here to there. After almost four years in development Faith for the Heart is launched.

What is Faith for the Heart?

Faith for the Heart is an online, quarterly Christian magazine. For us the purpose of Faith for the Heart is twofold. The first is unite Christians of all denominations in a single place where they can strengthen their relationship with Jesus by sharing their beliefs by discussing the articles published on Faith for the Heart. The second purpose is to provide non-believers with insight into Christian life so they will better understand our beliefs and promote a peaceful life.

For God, we believe, the purpose of Faith for the Heart is to unite His kingdom. And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. Mark 3:24. King James Bible .

The (HIS)tory of Faith for the Heart

The seed for faith for the Heart was planted on August 23, 2011. I experienced something incredible that evening. I felt God’s LOVE for us. We’re taught in scripture that God is Love. Experiencing that Love is the greatest gift He can bestow on any of us. It’s pure, full of joy and steadfast. And those words, as accurate as they are, fail to share that wonderful feeling with you. God’s love truly is something you MUST experience for yourself. Once you have felt His love, you want more. You want His love to fill the entirety of your being every second of every minute of every hour of every day for the rest of eternity.

Faith for the Heart means God’s love for us.

That seed the Lord planted began to take root quickly. It began to grow. It formed an idea. A name came to my mind. It’s the name of a song written by Diane Warren name Faith of the Heart. The song was a top ten hit originally performed by Rod Stewart. Later it was performed by Russell Watson and used as the theme song for the television series Enterprise.

On September 2, 2011 Faith of the Heart was born as site. Over the next three days I learned the basics of the WordPress platform and Faith of the Heart was created. Faith of the Heart was ninety percent complete by the end of the third day. is a great beginner site, but it has limitations on what it allows you to do. Faith of the Heart needed more. A lot more.

A domain name search for Faith of the Heart revealed the name Faith of the Heart was unavailable. Changing one word – of to for- gave us Faith for the Heart. was purchased and the site was rebuilt on this domain. While Faith of the Heart was ninety percent complete, Faith for the Heart was about twenty five percent complete and needed a lot more work.

Faith for the Heart has gone through many different incarnations as we progressed to its current look. Functions have been added and removed. And features have been added and removed. Throughout this process, there has been one constant. Whenever I work on Faith for the Heart I feel like my brain is on fire. I’ve been told by friends this is the Holy Spirit working through me. I don’t know about this. I only know it’s an exhilarating feeling that’s fueled the creation of Faith for the Heart and helped me enjoy creating it for you.

During its development Faith for the Heart has encountered many obstacles. Some of these have been part of the natural learning process. I’ve crashed the site many times and have had to rebuild it. I’ve accepted these learning opportunities and have grown from them. Some of the features and functionality we’ve tried to add in the past also crashed the site on several occasions. Some of the features we added were too cumbersome for Faith for the Heart. These particular features were spun off into stand-alone sites that we’re developing as part of the Faith for the Heart Network of web sites.

Some of the obstacle Faith for the Heart has been subjected to have been spiritual warfare. This warfare has tried to stop both the creation and launch of Faith for the Heart. The first act was on our servers. As we were approaching people to be authors for Faith for the Heart, our servers went down for more than two days, making it impossible for them to preview the site. Throughout all of it patience was the key factor getting from there to here. Faith for the Heart is a God inspired project. I trusted that He would bring it all together.

The waiting was difficult at times – especially as the weeks turned into months and years. I kept reminding myself that Faith for the Heart belongs to Him. I’m its caretaker. He would bring it all together in His own time.

In the Spring of 2014 I realized one of the obstacles to the launch of Faith for the Heart was me myself. I wasn’t ready in His eyes to be the caretaker He wanted me to be. As I meditated and prayed on this realization I came to understand why I wasn’t ready. Preparing myself was a journey of discovery that ended with a compulsion to set a launch date. I set a launch date of December 1, 2014 for Faith for the Heart. This would give us the time to create, edit and present the final publication of Faith for the Heart.

During September I visited a friend of mine for four days. While there I had a dream about Faith for the Heart. I was shown a list of items. These items are tools He is using to fulfill His will on earth. The list was divided into three columns; each column listed twenty items. Faith for the Heart was the twelfth item in the second column; or thirty on the list. AS I looked at the list a voice said to me Faith for the Heart would crash many times.

Just as the dream foretold the Faith for the Heart development site experienced a series of crashes. From these crashes we moved onto a server problem that caused us to reset our server. This meant wiping our server clean and starting it from scratch. Backups were made of the Faith for the Heart sites before this was done. The server was reset and the backups were restored. The Faith for the Heart sites, however didn’t restore properly. The backups were corrupt. This meant Faith for the Heart had to be rebuilt from scratch. It also meant delaying the launch because there was no way the could be rebuilt to launch on December 1, 2014 as planned. As the Faith for the Heart site was rebuilt God continued to bring all of the pieces together. A new launch date was set for June 1, 2015. That date had to be changed to June 8, 2015.

As time goes on Faith for the Heart will continue to grow and evolve into the tool and site God wants it to be.

On behalf of everyone at Faith for the Heart we welcome you to the premiere of Faith for the Heart. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy bringing it you.

May our Lord Jesus bless you and guide you each and every day.