As I come from a wooded area to a grassy clearing, I find Jesus before a body of people, speaking. They seem spellbound by Him. Rightfully so, I find myself thinking, for He has done wondrous things in the witness of many. He has been known to miraculously heal, and has brought forth the dead from their stilled state to the state of being reanimated with life. These wonders amaze many to this day. Why shouldn’t those who have gathered to Him want to cling on to every word He says and follow after Him, as it is cited in scriptures they had done?

I keep my distance from the crowd, staying at the opening of the wooded area, watching Him as He speaks to this body of people. The day is warm, and the air is still. His voice carries, making it possible for me to hear what He says in spite of the fact that he appears to be distant from the place I stand.

Why would one really want to follow me, I am hearing Him ask. Uncanny, I consider quietly, for it is as though He has read my more recent thoughts. Then He turns to me and He asks, what has it meant that you followed me?

I look at Him, not only spellbound by His presence, but surprised that He has identified the contents of my more recent thoughts. I realize, because now His gaze is directed towards me, that He has singled me out to answer this question. I ponder, for a brief second, the misguided belief I had that my thoughts were concealed from Him. Obviously not, and so I proceed to consider that this was not the first time He has exposed to me His awareness of thoughts that I had not spoken. On a considerable number of occasions, Jesus has had identified to me the truths that I had uncovered in my silent seeking of Him within my closed room, through people that I had not verbally nor through writings, shared my explorations or findings with. More recently I was directed by the spirit to explore the works of a teacher within the privacy of my room. This teacher used scripture as the spirit taught me to do: to identify the nature of events that would unfold; a friend of mine, that I had not seen in a number of years, had unexpectedly crossed paths with me while we walked on the street where I lived. Being that she was from another area of the city, I was surprised to find her walking on my block. She explained that she was going to a store more local to me. Then, filled with Christ’s spirit, she spoke to me of the nature of my secret study. She identified the teacher whose work I had studied, and in this I could not help but marvel at Jesus, who through her was revealing out in the open that which I had uncovered in my secret pursuit of knowing him.

Jesus has a bright smile on his face, and gestures for me to come stand with Him, and so I approach him. I face the many people He has gathered before Him, and I make my testimony. What does it mean that I followed You, I repeat. And I look at Him for a second, and I ponder the suffering He endured, and I know that this is what he refers to, when He speaks to the point of the following of Him that I have done. He takes my hand into His, and I begin to speak.

When I was a child, I was orphaned by the age of nine, I said. This made me the child of the heavenly Father. In this, I have followed You.

Yes, He says, you have followed Me by being the child of the heavenly Father. To have become the child of the heavenly Father was painful for you, He adds. He squeezes my hand.